Building Social Value through Double Glazing

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Social Value


Cosyseal are soon to reach a numeric milestone. We have completed work on almost 50,000 individual properties since our bespoke handheld software was launched in 2015.

As Cosyseal crosses numerical landmarks, we enjoy celebrating with the surveyors and customer services teams at our Housing Association clients. The person who places every 1,000th order is given the opportunity to choose where Cosyseal can make a donation on their behalf.

Recently, £250 has been donated to NHHG’s Internal Charity for our 47,000th property and to Cosyseal’s Just Imagine Charity for our 48,000th property completion. We are pleased to announce that, upon the closing of our 49,000th property, we donated £250 to Help the Heroes on behalf of Hexagon Housing

50,000 is just over the horizon! Everyone at Cosyseal is hoping their favourite client is going to be the one to place the order that sets this landmark into our history!

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