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Social Value


Cosyseal won Contractor of the Year from housing association London and Quadrant! 

As part of London & Quadrant’s programme of community engagement, Cosyseal were awarded Contractor of the Year for their involvement in community activities for the South East region of L&Q. Cosyseal organised an open day at a new L&Q development, gave a presentation to students at a local school and contributed towards the regeneration of communal gardens.

Cosyseal and L&Q have had a long, successful relationship spanning two decades and dozens of housing projects. Since L&Q merged with Threshold, Cosyseal became their first point of call for windows and repairs. We have seen L&Q grow from a small, ambitious housing association to one of the largest in the UK! And we are proud to have grown alongside them. Winning Contractor of The Year is rewarding for the Cosyseal team and relations between L&Q and Cosyseal customer service team is always warm.

Recently, London and Quadrant have transitioned towards direct maintenance. As they have done so, Cosyseal have supported their change of structure and helped enable a new method of working whilst still delivering valuable service to their residents.

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