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Cosyseal Owner Rajesh Patel along with his friends, Nilesh and Harry, drove from London to India in a campervan, raising over £50,000 for Just Imagine charity.

The three amigos journey took them 3 months as they travelled through 18 countries. They were warmly sent off from Cosyseal by family and friends alike and welcomed in the west coast Indian state of Goa, where the charity Just Imagine helps supports numerous orphanages.

Rajesh left his two sons, aged 13 and 11, and his wife at home as he embarked on the journey. The remoteness of some countries, e.g. Kazakhstan, Western China and Tibet meant that they weren’t in contact for weeks at a time.

Along the journey, Rajesh experienced polar-opposite cultures. The highlights included lively nights on the Mediterranean, a month in Western China, Mount Everest Base Camp and the general friendliness of the people they met. Rajesh tells that once the locals understood the reason for the brothers’ journey, they were flooded with generosity, including meals, religious offerings and even hotel stays.

As well as raising money for charity, Rajesh asserts that his motivation was to meet people from  different cultures and increase his knowledge about the world.  For many people they met, Rajesh and his friends were the first London accented people of colour they had met and they were always warmly introduced to the local community once they stopped driving for the night.

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