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Social Value


Sikkim in the northeast is one of the most impoverished states in India. It is a far cry from the financial metropolis of Mumbai or the rush of Delhi, Sikkim is instead in the Eastern Himalayas on the periphery of civilization. The infrastructure in Sikkim is often underdeveloped or absent. Sikkim is home to India’s largest mountain and the natural hilly terrain makes it hard for children to travel to their local school. 

Cosyseal Customer Service manager and Indian native, Vishal Karia, was on his first holiday after marriage in Sikkim. Vishal and his wife, Dhwani, carried out charity work for the children at the local schools and bought toys, sweets and other goodies for the children in the school. The children were delighted as Vishal had brought snacks they had never seen! Vishal says the children swarmed him like a celebrity. The teacher allowed him and his wife to stand in front of the class and explain how they live. This was like listening to a fairy tale for the Sikkim students who did not want them to leave, according to Vishal.

Vishal speaks fondly of the experience and was happy to spend time with the classes and give away what him and his wife had bought.

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