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Cosyseal employee, Rohan Patel reflects on his time volunteering in an orphanage in Goa, India.

What made you want to go to Goa for charity work?

I was motivated to go to Goa and help the orphanages because I had seen the impact my cousins made when they went a year earlier. I wanted to have an eye-opening experience but I also wanted to take a step out of my comfort zone.

How was your experience in Goa?

My experience in Goa was rewarding and fun. I volunteered in two different orphanages, where all the children were HIV positive. The children had been rejected by their families and were housed IN Convents by Catholic sisters. The charity that I raised money for helps provides food, shelter and clothing as well as employment opportunities once the children are no longer under the orphanage jurisdiction. It helps them transition to adulthood.

You talk about raising money, how much and for which charity did you raise?

I raised over £2,500 for Just Imagine, the charity that organised the trip.

Which one moment has most resonated with you from your time in India?

The one moment that resonated with me the most was the smiles on the children’s’ faces as they were showing off their bedroom. There were 20 in each room but they were so grateful for what they had! It showed me we can all be proud and joyful no matter how little we have.

What did you do in your downtime?

Goa is on the coast of West India, so I spent some time on the beach. There is also a famous waterfall called Dudhsagar not far from the orphanages that I visited one day. Most of the time I was helping at the orphanage, though.

How can people reading help/contribute to these orphanages?

They can visit the charity website: or they can donate or attend one of the events the charity holds throughout the year.

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